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- Proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ to all people. We worship Jesus Christ through proclamation and study the Word, prayer, and stewardship.


- We strive to meet the spiritual and emotional needs of our community and church family.  


- We commit ourselves to encouraging the conversion of all men, women, and children to Christianity. We are actively committed to evangelizing for the greater good of mankind, and to offer the free gift of Salvation through Jesus Christ, so that all may be saved through the power of the Holy Spirit.  


- We strive to produce and maintain a clean, holy, and wholesome Christian fellowship of the Saints of God.

Reaching out to the community

We're not shy about why we're here. We believe in the Great Commission given by Jesus in the gospels. This means evangelism and reaching out to the community we live in to spread the Word and the love of Jesus Christ. This not only includes our local community, but also as part of the world community we live in. We believe in supporting thriving international mission work as well.

We believe in:

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